Lakhta Center is a multifunctional complex in St. Petersburg with the Gazprom headquarter and public spaces occupying a third of the area. Construction was completed in October 2018, now start work on the arrangement of business and public areas. The opening date of the complex will be announced after the completion of all the finishing and landscaping work. »



"World of Science" и Planetarium

Transformable Hall

Observation deck

Panoramic restaurant

Project Status

June 2021:

  • Main construction and installation works are completed,
  • Preparation for the commissioning of the Complex is in progress.

Video of stages of construction

Panoramas of stages




Presentation Materials

The Area of Lakhta Center Including Its New Building Will Exceed Half a Million Square Meters. Outline of the Construction Process


The Area of Lakhta Center Including Its New Building Will Exceed Half a Million Square Meters. Outline of the Construction Process

The complex of main and auxiliary buildings comprises one building consisting of two wings connected by a concourse. The authors of the project believe that not only will it promote the office function of Lakhta Center, but it will add the finishing touch to the architectural ensemble and create harmony with the skyscraper in the horizontal plane.

Tony Kettle, the architect of the second phase, was the head of RMJM team, which developed the architectural concept of Lakhta Center.
The floor area of Lakhta Center together with the complex of main and auxiliary buildings will exceed 570,000 sq. m.

The highest point is 85 meters, but the blocks of two wings vary from 2 to 13 floors. This architectural solution serves to comply with the limitations imposed by the height policy: it is prohibited to build higher than 27 meters in a small part of the territory.

At the moment, the 10th floor is the highest.

Another nuance of the location: the form and direction of the building looks out onto water – the Lakhtinsky Razliv lake in the Yuntolovsky nature reserve and the Lakhtinskaya harbour of the Neva Bay.

At the moment, the erection of reinforced concrete cores, inside which the fire escape stairs, safety areas, and all the vertical transportation, namely 57 lifts in total, will be placed, is in progress. Now the construction loader is serving as an elevator.

The load bearing frame of the building is very complex: a change of height, length, and long span areas require us to control and survey even the tiniest detail.

The same construction workers who built Lakhta Center have been hired. Even the cranes are the same ones that were recently the tallest in Europe. Both wings of the complex of main and auxiliary buildings are located on a single stylobate, which forms two underground levels of the building. In the future, they will become the parking area and plant rooms.

The roof of the stylobate will serve not only for cars; it will be used to form paved sidewalks, stairs, and green and water areas.

The completion of the construction is planned for early 2021.