Lakhta Center is a multifunctional complex in St. Petersburg with the Gazprom headquarter and public spaces occupying a third of the area. Construction was completed in October 2018, now start work on the arrangement of business and public areas. The opening will take place in about a year, when the complex will be fully prepared to meet guests. »



"World of Science" и Planetarium

Transformable Hall

Observation deck

Panoramic restaurant

Project Status

December 2019:

  • Main construction and installation works are completed,
  • Preparation for the commissioning of the Complex is in progress.

Video of stages of construction

Panoramas of stages




Presentation Materials


01.09.2013, Aeroflot World

For Lakhta Center Project Chief Architect Philipp Nikandrov Lakhta Center public and business complex must be one of the most important stages in his creative biography. Free of any restrictions to gain profit from each meter and free of any architectural restrictions away from the historic center, this project granted an opportunity to embody the bravest ideas and solutions, set a new vector in the development of our city.

23.08.2013, "Construction and Municipal Facilities" Magazine

As early as in November 2012 the Smolny approved a layout and zoning scheme for the area restricted by Primorskoye highway, the coastlines of Lakhtinsky harbour and two streets under design, the total area 27,5 hectares (including 18 hectares Lakhta Center Project site). It is here where a public and business center owned by Gazprom with a high-rise 86-storey landmark (the tower is 462m tall) will appear, one of the most ambitious projects of Petersburg over the last years.

16.08.2013, RBK

In the middle of the last century a well-known artist remarked that only at the sight of a museum she went weak at her knees because of fatigue. While walking along Petersburg streets these, you can yourself thinking the same.

18.07.2013, RWAY.Ru

Lakhta Center under construction on the coast of the Gulf of Finland will provide over 30.000 jobs for Petersburg citizens.


Last week the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg rejected an appeal of “Spravedlivaya Rossiya” to Governor Mr. Georgy Poltavchenki in relation to Lakhta Center.

13.05.2013, BusinessFM radio, “Real Estate. Segments and Forecasts” Program

Interview of “Social and Business Center Okhta” CJSC Executive Director Alexander Bobkov about Lakhta Center Project in the context of a polycentric development of cities for BusinessFM radio.

19.04.2013, Regnum

The engineering infrastructure costs incurred by the developer of the Lakhta Center Project will be 1,5 bln rubles. Director for Construction, Elena Morozova told the journalists about it. "All the engineering infrastructure is designed and built at our own expense", she said.


The city’s authorities will support the establishment of one of the largest Russian children’s science museums in Lakhta Center. Dean of Natural Science Department of IT, Mechanics and Optics University, Representative of British Event Communication agency, Sergey Stafeev.

02.04.2013, Interfax Severo-Zapad

In autumn last year the construction of Lakhta Center public and business area was started in Petersburg with a tower almost 470m tall as its dominant. The whole complex will be completed in 2018. Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC Chief Executive Alexander Bobkov told Interfax Severo-Zapad Information Agency in an interview what stage the construction is at the moment, which public areas will be opened in the complex and what companies will be able toset up their offices in Lakhta Center.

18.03.2013, Expert

The foundations of Gazprom tower Lakhta Center are built based on technologies conventional for high-rise construction adjusted for Petersburg running soils.


Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC Executive Director Alexander Bobkov visited radio station where he told us about the commencement of the works related to the construction of Lakhta Center and how many floors would be built per day by a multi-national team of builders and how investors get along in Petersburg.

20.12.2012, High-rise Buildings, October 2012, Tatyana Vasilieva

The success of each undertaking above all depends on those dealing with it. Perhaps, it is especially vividly seen in construction. It is important from the very beginning of the project to find a partner with whom you could reliably take all the steps of an uneasy way. We asked Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC Head of Design Department Mrs. Julia Gulyak to tell us about the complexities of the work on unique buildings and relationships between clients and designers.

10.12.2012, Weekly magazine “Real Estate and Construction of Petersburg” , No.49(735) 10.12.12, page 15 10.12.2012

In Lakhta Business Center which construction was started in Primorsky district late autumn, slightly over 40% of the areas will be occupied by Gazprom group companies and other tenants. The remaining space will be divided between the functions considered as secondary by Petersburg-based developers.

21.11.2012, Telechannel Saint Petersburg

Lakhta Center Layout Design in Primorsky district is approved by the city’s administration. The official website of the City’s Administration shows a decree and a set of documents defining land surveying of the future complex.


Mr. Michael Amosov, Member of Yabloko Political Committee, proposed not to build a separate metro communication to the future Lakhta Center but to rehabilitate the existing railway tracks.

25.10.2012, V

As large European cities grow and develop, green technologies start playing a more and more vital role in their life. Green construction, green transport, green tourism. The main objective of this trend is both improving an ecologic situation in large cities and creating comfortable and harmonious urban environment of an absolutely new quality.

02.10.2012, Vedomosty, Nadezhda Zaitseva

Dubai-based Arabtec Holding awarded a contract with Gazprom for the construction of the first stage of a 463m skyscraper in Petersburg, the contract cost is 95 million euro, the company advised in the materials for investors at Dubai Stock Exchange.

02.10.2012,, Masha Mogilevskaya

Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC will proceed cooperating with Arabtec Construction. The Arab company involved in the construction of a well-known Burj Dubai Tower and previous Okhta Center General Contractor will also be involved in the part of enabling works under Lakhta Center project. It was advised by Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC Executive Director Alexander Bobkov.

20.09.2012, Stroitelstvo i Gorodskoye Hozyastvo No. 135, Irina Petrova

The functional structure of Lakhta Center Project has been extensively revised as compared to the original project, Okhta Center Project. The Client has taken a decision to considerably increase the share of the public functions. The new site makes it possible to unfold designers’ imagination of. Julia Gulyak, Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC Head of Design Department is telling us in which way.


The office space in the planned Lakhta Centre is to be decreased compared with previous designs for the building. The Okhta Centre was mainly a business centre, but in the Lakhta Centre only 43% of the floor area will be allocated for offices, and about one third of the floor area will contain social and cultural facilities.