Lakhta Center is a multifunctional complex in St. Petersburg with the Gazprom headquarter and public spaces occupying a third of the area. Construction was completed in October 2018, now start work on the arrangement of business and public areas. The opening date of the complex will be announced after the completion of all the finishing and landscaping work. »



"World of Science" и Planetarium

Transformable Hall

Observation deck

Panoramic restaurant

Project Status

June 2021:

  • Main construction and installation works are completed,
  • Preparation for the commissioning of the Complex is in progress.

Video of stages of construction

Panoramas of stages




Presentation Materials

Exclusiva Design

Exclusiva Design

Exclusiva Design is an Italian luxury design company with significant experience in the realization of turnkey interior design projects.

Our name fully expresses our corporate vision: exclusive intended as unique, as the final objective of lengthy periods of research, creating a one of a kind product, a symbol of elegance, class, elevated quality, and taste.

Exclusiva Design offers a full range of services, from concept design to the realization of each single part of any project.

Created in 2008 as the unification of different though complementary professional skills and personalities, today it is a solid business, a wholly Italian reality that has quickly established itself as a point of reference for luxury design.

A taste for all things beautiful, a precise characteristic of the Italian way of life, together with an attention to detail, make Exclusiva Design an example of excellence. We guarantee our clients the possibility to see their dreams come true, in a unique style and based on an exclusive approach.

We are the ideal support for grafting the competencies of a wide range of disciplines linked to the world of luxury design into a common passion for creativity, innovation and experimentation.

Exclusiva Design’s mission is to transform the dream of a “custom made world” into reality: creating the spaces of luxury, where beauty, excellence and function each play their own role, in perfect harmony.

Our distinctive, unique approach is a guarantee of elegance and style. These are the characteristics of a method that holds true to a single guiding principle: the search for beauty, with highly skilled attention to de-tail applied each phase of the creative process, considered as the hallmark of excellence Made in Italy.