Lakhta Center – a large scale project of the construction of a modern business area in the north-west of Saint Petersburg. Opening in 2018.



"World of Science" и Planetarium

Transformable Hall

Observation deck

Panoramic restaurant

Project Status

July 2018:

  • Montage of facade of the tower and MFB
  • Installation of facade of Arch
  • Work inside building

Video of stages of construction

Panoramas of stages




Presentation Materials

News and Publications

04.04.2017, the Kommersant, No. 56, April 3, 2017

Lakhta Center Director General Elena Ilyukhina on why the city needs a skyscraper

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24.12.2016, RBC

Russian construction projects that are unique in complexity, scale and cost are regularly resulted in the commissioning of the facilities with a delay of a year and a half or two years, which is still considered to be a victory. Projects with costs exceeding the original estimates by several times and long overdue have already become an ordinary scandal and are no longer surprising to the general public.

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14.10.2016, Delovoy Peterburg

For such unique projects as Lakhta Center, the use of innovative technologies becomes a condition necessary for the construction and further operation of the Complex. Lakhta Center Executive Director Alexander Bobkov told in the interview for DP how satellites control the Facility’s vertical position, told about comfortable climate for 7.5 thousand people, and about Russian software developers.

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10.10.2016, Stroy-pulse

Photos from the construction site

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A total of ten Liebherr tower cranes owned by rental company Sutek are currently in action for contractor Renaissance Construction, erecting the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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For the last two centuries glass acquired outstanding characteristics which made it one of the leading construction materials — environment-friendly and practically feasible at the same time.

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29.06.2016, Sibirskaya Neft Magazine

In 2018 the “marine facade” of Saint Petersburg will get its main landmark.

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25.06.2016, Urban Report, Irina Loban

Lakhta Сenter Chief Engineer Sergey Nikiforov tells Urban Report what hinders the construction of more skyscrapers in Russia and why it is early to write a dissertation on Lakhta Center.

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16.06.2016, SPB Sobaka RU

Galleries and creative platforms open in Saint-Petersburg so often that one can envy the city and they serve the best confirmation of the fact that it is still the cultural capital city. Soon another creative space will appear on the territory of the Lakhta Center and become an absolutely special one.

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30.04.2016, InterFax

The construction of Lakhta Center multifunctional public and business complex, the core of which will be the headquarters of Gazprom Group companies, is in progress in Petersburg. A scientific and educational center, a multifunctional transformable hall and other public facilities will be arranged in this new complex in addition to offices.

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