Lakhta Center is a multifunctional complex in St. Petersburg with the Gazprom headquarter and public spaces occupying a third of the area. Construction was completed in October 2018, now start work on the arrangement of business and public areas. The opening will take place in about a year, when the complex will be fully prepared to meet guests. »



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December 2019:

  • Main construction and installation works are completed,
  • Preparation for the commissioning of the Complex is in progress.

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The Public Hearings on Lakhta center Project were held in the Administration of Primorsky District


The public hearings on the issue of the deviation from the limit height parameters of the project of a public and business district Lakhta center were held in Petersburg on Friday.

As referred to the Press Service of Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC, the public hearings were held in the Administration of Primorsky district where the exhibition of the study of the assessment of the visibility of the tower if it is located in Lakhta was set up. The study was conducted by NIPTs Genpalan Saint Petersburga and the Institute of Regional Development.

In the course of the discussion of the project RMJM Director for Design of International Projects Tony Kettle presented Lakhta Center draft architectural concept as well as the data on the study of the possible impact of the tower on the city’s vistas.

In the course of the public hearings the experts in the issues of ecology, transport and engineering utilities, the representatives of Lakhta-Olgino municipality and the public delivered their speeches.

At the public hearings apart from the requests of the deviation of limit parameters of the construction, the possible impact of the tower on the city’s vistas was discussed if the project is located in Lakhta

According to Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC, the studies demonstrated that the outline of the tower can be seen in some panoramas. However owning to the distance of over 9 km, the outline of the building will not stand out among the spires of the recognized city’s landmarks against the usual city’s panorama.

The representatives of the investor responded to the questions in the course of the discussion which most part was dedicated to a possible impact of the tower on the city’s historic panoramas, the solution of the problem of traffic congestion and the development of transport infrastructure, and the ecologic situation in the area of the construction and possible impact on the routes of the migrating birds.

According to Chief Researcher of the Biologic and Soil Faculty of Saint Petersburg State University Dmitry Kovalev, the development of the area will reduce the mad-made load on the adjoining natural complexes due to the reduction of the factors arousing concern (audio and visual) and industrial contamination of the area (the exhausted fumes from the trucks, local spill of oil products, eolomotion of small sand fractions, etc.). The planned vegetation of the area will improve its ecologic condition. In the selection of various alternatives of the area layout the increase of the tower height is more preferable than the extension of the construction within the coastline. According to Kovalev, at present Lakhtinsky razliv (the area of Yuntolovo Nature Resort) has practically lost its meaning as stop of migrating birds. The most precious and vulnerable issues at the construction site are migration stops of water and semi-aquatic birds. In this regard in the water basin of Nevskaya Bay in the area of Lisiy nos, the Dam, western Kotlin, Kronstadt colony, the part of Mikhaliovka and Znamenka a federal specially protected natural area is to be created and a status of water and marshland of international significance is to be added to it.

This opinion was supported by the citizens of the adjoining areas. “ 40-50 years ago there was a migrating birds’ stop there, indeed. They landed on Lakhtinsky razliv, nestled in Yuntolovsky Nature Resort and flew further, indeed. But 40 years ago the drilling works started, and the birds left this area” said Head of the Lakhta-Olgino Municipal Council Eugeniy Nikolsky. They are nestling now in the flooded areas of Lisiy Nos. Thus last year this area acquired the status of a specially protected area”.

According to Interfax, as referred to Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC upon the results of the public hearings the decision will be taken some time later. The minutes of meeting compilation takes 4 days.

It should be reminded that the limit possible height, which is 15-25% of the Okhta center height which was 403m tall, was designed in a new project.

Social and Business Center Okhta CJSC purchased the land in Primorsky district of Petersburg for the construction of a business complex with the headquarters of Gazprom neft. The site was purchased from LSR group, its area is 140 000 sq.m. It is located between Primorskoye highway and the coast of the Gulf of Finland in the north-western part of Petersburg.