Lakhta Center is a multifunctional complex in St. Petersburg with the Gazprom headquarter and public spaces occupying a third of the area. Construction was completed in October 2018, now start work on the arrangement of business and public areas. The opening date of the complex will be announced after the completion of all the finishing and landscaping work. »



"World of Science" и Planetarium

Transformable Hall

Observation deck

Panoramic restaurant

Project Status

January 2021:

  • Main construction and installation works are completed,
  • Preparation for the commissioning of the Complex is in progress.

Video of stages of construction

Panoramas of stages




Presentation Materials

Transport Infrastructure Development

The construction of Gazprom neft business center will enable to resolve the issue of transport communication in the north-west of Petersburg. The project implies the development of new types of transport (light rail system and water communication), and the extension of the existing roads and road junctions which will enable the car drivers to drive in any direction by bypassing the center of the city.

At present the lack of road junctions in the area of Lakhtinsky Razliv and the crossroads of Savushkina and Planernaya streets results in a heavy congestion. To eliminate it the transport infrastructure of the district will be significantly reconstructed. The construction of the Western Speed Diameter, the construction of Shuvalovsky highway, the extension of Staroderevenskaya and Mebelnaya streets, the completion of the construction of Bogatirsky highway will increase the number of roads connecting the north-western and southern parts of Primorsky district. Together with the extension of Primorskoye highway in the area of Lakhta from two lanes up to six lanes and the construction of the road junction at the crossroads of Savushkina and Planernaya streets the throughput capacity of the highways connecting the district with the rest of the city will be increased twice as much.

A modern road junction at the crossroads of Savushkina and Planernaya streets will enable the car drivers to drive the problematic section without stopping at the traffic lights. The construction of new 32nd and 49th highways will lay the foundations of the solution of traffic congestion near Lakhtinsky Razliv. By going in parallel to the Ring Road, it will transverse the Western Speed Diameter and closes onto Suzdalsky prospect. The extension of the road lane at the road police station owning to the extension of Suvalovsky prospect and the construction of a road junction will finally resolve the issue of traffic communication in this area. A free entrance and exit to the area of a new business center will facilitate a new road junction which has access to all the large highways. This will allow forming convenient transport routes in advance connecting the future business district with an administrative center and other districts of the city. According to the nearest plans of the city’s administration a light rail transport will be launched on the existing railway track from Finlyandsky railway station to the planned business center in Lakhta, a new tram line from Primorskaya metro station. Also in this area the new metro station is planned to be built.