Lakhta Center – a large scale project of the construction of a modern business area in the north-west of Saint Petersburg. Opening in 2018.



"World of Science" и Planetarium

Transformable Hall

Observation deck

Panoramic restaurant

Project Status

montage of spire

January 2018:

  • Montage of Spire and Arch
  • Installation of facade of the tower
  • Work on the steel structures of building with an atrium

Video of stages of construction

Panoramas of stages




Presentation Materials



The planetarium is expected to be housed in the upper part of the multifunctional building adjacent to the tower. It will resemble a sphere hovering in the air at the height of the fifth floor.

The authors of the concept decided to effectively utilize the space’s unique architectural details for the purposes of education and enlightenment. The starry sky will be observable on a 360-degree 3D-projection onto the 16-meter dome of the planetarium. The effect of actually “being there” will be created with the help of holograms, a moving floor, special-effects seats, and illusions of lightning and rain, virtual smoke, smells, etc.

The fully programmable and modular domed movie theater will make it possible for visitors to immerse themselves in the interactive study not only of astronomy, but also of geography, geology, flora and fauna, climate change, atmospheric phenomena, and much more. The planetarium has a holding capacity of 140. When operating around-the-clock, the facility will be able to welcome up to 30,000 visitors a month.