Lakhta Center is a multifunctional complex in St. Petersburg with the Gazprom headquarter and public spaces occupying a third of the area. Construction was completed in October 2018, now start work on the arrangement of business and public areas. The opening will take place in about a year, when the complex will be fully prepared to meet guests. »



"World of Science" и Planetarium

Transformable Hall

Observation deck

Panoramic restaurant

Project Status

June 2020:

  • Main construction and installation works are completed,
  • Preparation for the commissioning of the Complex is in progress.

Video of stages of construction

Panoramas of stages




Presentation Materials

High Speed Lifts

High Speed Lifts

34 lifts will be used in the tower: double-decker passenger high speed and service lifts. The vertical transport strategy is developed so that the waiting time in rush hour does not exceed 30 seconds, in some groups the waiting time is 15 seconds.

The main entrances are located at three levels. Different entrances are provided for the tower employees and visitors.

Traffic Calculation Factors:

  • Calculation periods – morning peak hour and noon peak hour, including employees flows between floors.
  • Standards: morning peak house waiting time 25 seconds, time of journey 75 seconds, noon peak hour waiting time increases up to 40 seconds.
  • Transportation: morning peak hour 85% go upwards, 10% go downwards and 5% transportation between flows.
  • Lifting capacity – the number of people who can be transported within five minutes at peak hours. In our case 12%, i.e. all the people to be transported within an hour.
  • Design number of people in the building, their distribution per floors. The Tower is designated for 5,000 employees and visitors. Between 100 and 140 people per floor.
  • Attendance coefficient – how many people can arrive at peak hour at the building, accounting for sick leave, vacations and business trips. In average it is 80%-90%.
  • Lift load factor – how many people can simultaneously be in a lift cabin. In our case it is 80%.
  • Time of filling a lift cabin – the time of opening/closing of lift doors, time of passengers getting into/getting off.
The modelling was done based on Elevate software by two independent companies.

Lakhta Center Lift System Description:
  • There are single-decker lifts and there are double decker lifts which serve two adjoining floors. The speed of lifts is between 2,5 and 8 m/second.
  • Two sky lobbies are designed, at floors 29-30 and 53-54. Therefore there is a lower, medium and upper group of lifts.
  • There are lifts which can stop at each floor, goods lifts and lifts for transportation of fire brigades. There are speed lifts which serve only observation deck and observation restaurant, and these lifts stop only on the ground floor and on top, the speed of these lifts is 8m/second.
  • In total there are 34 lifts and 6 escalators.
  • Lift operation system is designed.
  • Lifting capacity of lifts varies from 400kg to 2,000kg.